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Angie Hobson

My name is Angela Hobson (Angie) and I am mum to a child currently in Year 1 and also have a daughter  who is starting reception at Greenmount this September; and as such I have a keen interest in the continued provision of high standards at Greenmount Primary. 


As well as a mummy I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse, with over 18 years’ experience.  Prior to having my first child, I worked as a Hospital Director, and have worked with both adults and children.  Since having my children, I now work part time as a Mental Health Services Manager and work across services in England providing support and direction to hospital management teams who are encountering difficulties, in order to ensure improvements are made and standards of care are high.   

Throughout my career I have continued to see first-hand the impact that mental health issues can have not only on the individuals' who are poorly, but also their families, including children, and I also see the difference a supportive and forward-thinking school can make to these children.  We all know there are things in life that test our mental strength, such as bereavement or illness of a family member, and at these times the support a school can offer to children and in turn parents, can have a significant and long-term impact. 

I have a keen interest in supporting young people to develop healthy habits and to understand that our mental health is as important as our physical health and as such am pleased as both a parent and member of the local community that Greenmount Primary strives to help children develop into kind, caring and resilient young people and that in the midst of a pandemic the current teaching staff, school leaders and governing body have acknowledged that our children’s mental health is important.