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Class Bubbles

Each class will operate as a “bubble”.  During the school day, children will remain with their bubble and will not mix with other bubbles.  Unfortunately, this means that until the rules are relaxed, our infant children will not be able to mix with friends in other classes as they have done in previous years.


Members of staff will work across no more than two bubbles.  The only exception to this will be Mr Ball, our Sports Coach, and Mr Griffith who will work with all classes, but will keep at least 2m distance from the children.    


Furniture in Years 1 to 6 has been organized inline with the DfE guidance and is front-facing where possible.  Children will not routinely work in groups within the classroom.


A video showcasing their new classrooms will be sent to all families with children in years 1 to 6 on Tuesday, 1st September.


In addition to their classroom, each bubble has been allocated an additional, unique, teaching space in school to facilitate a quiet space for a smaller group to work.


In the classroom, if Y1 to Y6 children work away from their own desks, they will sit in rows, facing the member of staff.


Resources will not be shared across bubbles without quarantining for 72 hours.