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Greenmount -

a Pathway to Success


"Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum that ignites pupils’ curiosity.

Leaders are ambitious for pupils to achieve success in their learning.  Staff have high expectations for all pupils, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Leaders are equally ambitious for pupils to develop into well-rounded citizens."

(Ofsted, October 2019)


A new National Curriculum was introduced from September 2014.


The PDF "Curriculum Statement" below sets out the rationale behind our curriculum and why we have planned it as we have.  This is updated annually. 


Below you can download a PowerPoint which details how we teach that curriculum in our school.  This is updated annually and published in September.  


The PowerPoint also addresses how we teach Fundamental British Values and how we assess the children's learning.


For further information about the curriculum, please speak initially to your child's class teacher.  For further information, please contact the head teacher