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Friday, 10th July

Good Morning Year 2!

Here are your activities for today …  



For the past few days we've been looking at the phoneme oo, Today we're going to put a y in front of oo to make yoo.  There are several ways of making this sound.  Can you find other words that follow the same spelling pattern?



Yesterday you gathered ideas about where you would go on your bubble adventure and what kind of things you would see and do there.

Today, using your ideas, I would like you to write a short story about your bubble adventure. Your story needs to start with you walking along the beach, blowing some bubbles and floating off on your adventure just as it does in the video clip. You might want to watch the video again to remind yourself of what happened.


Remember to think carefully about the following things:

Range of punctuation


Conjunctions (and, but, so, when, because, if)




Warm-up =  

Beat That Quiz.

Main Activity

I hope you got on well with the thirds activities yesterday.

Today you will be thinking about three quarters. How do we write this as a fraction? 3/4

Working out 3/4 is similar to working out 1/4.

Remember that the denominator (bottom number) tells us how many parts the whole is split into. The numerator (top number) tells us how many parts. So when finding 3/4 of a number or object you must first split it into 4 equal parts (quarters).

For 1/3 of  a shape, you would colour 3 out of the 4 equal parts.

Initially when getting the hang of finding  3/4 of a number I would recommend using the jotting method that we have covered previously. Please see the attached document containing an explanation of how to calculate these sums.

For today please complete the attached worksheet based on finding 3/4 of a number.

Miss C and Mrs P