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Friday, 10th July

Good morning all, 
Topic Friday!
A little bit of a project for you today.
Your main focus today is to think about and discuss the geography of Greece. It is mainly a geography lesson with a focus on Ancient Greece. 
Firstly, Go through ppt 1 and complete the activities. This will get you started for the day and get your brain ticking over. 
Then when you have done this: 

Load Google Earth. Position the camera on the southern border of Greece (tip it almost horizontal so it’s looking across the land rather than down onto it) and move the camera north. Describe what kind of landscape Greece has and how this would have affected the lives of the ancient Greek people. 


Go and look at Athens – discuss why a city would be built here. Look at the mountains. Discuss the coastal access. Zoom in on Mt Olympus – discuss status as home of the Gods.
Have a play around. Explore Greece as much as you like. 
When you have done this, you can open ppt 2. Complete the tasks in the ppt. You main task is also in the ppt on slide 16. 
I have provided some help for the task in the ppt but again you can be proactive here and research/find out as much information as you can. 
I have also uploaded a sheet which you can use for your final product. Please not, you don't have to use the sheet. You can present how you feel fit. 
All the best, 
Mr Coop