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Friday, 12th June


Happy Friday! Ready for the weekend? I am!

It’s been great catching up with families this week over the phone, if I haven’t managed to get to you yet, I will definitely next week. 



I hope yesterday’s work on Roman numerals wasn’t too tricky… especially having to think ALL the way back to Sept! If you didn’t get chance to do yesterday’s activities, I recommend you do… I think they’re enjoyable ones! I have set a LBQ set for today, code on Class Dojo from 9am. There are lots of questions, the first fifteen are equivalent to section A/B questions(TYM) then they do get more challenging… don’t worry just do your best! It’s all good revision of Roman numerals. 



Using the same image as yesterday, some very rubbish sentences have been written. They need improving! You know I dislike it when every sentence is structured in a similar way, starting with ‘it’, ‘the’, etc! We are in Y4, soon to be Y5 so work your magic and show me what you can do.

I’ve also set a grammar activity on LBQ. 

EXTENSION: A story starter has been given to you in relation to the image. You could use this and continue it or use the image as a stimulus for your own choice of writing. It'll be one to cross off your bingo board! On the topic of bingo boards, don’t forget to send me your writing so I can see what you’ve been doing. 😊


And last but not least… FRIDAY FUN!


Who’s missing going to their favourite restaurant? Many of us are missing a bit of ‘fine dining’! Your Friday fun challenge is to make a fine dining version of beans on toast! You’ll need to send a photograph then we can put them together to find a WINNER. Votes will be made by you, parents and of course the teachers! 


Have a super duper weekend crew and I will speak to you on Monday

Miss K x