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Friday, 12th June

Good morning all, 


Another week done! 


I hope you all have found the writing ok this week. I know writing at home can be difficult especially when we spend so much time and work so hard on it at school but hopefully you tried your best. 


If you need to finish it off today or do a little bit of editing, then please do. 


I have also uploaded a Greek themed comprehension. The file contains two tasks. The first one titled: Persepolis can be attempted if you like although I would like you to concentrate on the 2nd tasks titled: The Greek Army. 


It is also Friday so if you can get someone to test your spellings. 





I have uploaded the next maths tasks. The first one is based on quadrilaterals. I have also uploaded some reasoning tasks based on polygons. 




All the best, 

Mr Coop.