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Friday, 15th May

Good Morning Year 2!

Friday again! Nearly the weekend and time to give those brains a rest from all the hard work you have been doing.



Today it's reading and understanding what you are reading(comprehension).


Remember the answers will be in the text for you to find(retrieval)  Sometimes you have to use the clues in the text to work out your answer (inference, prediction and explanation).


If you come across any words(vocabulary) in the text you don't understand - find out what it means - new words are useful in your writing.


Finally, you may need to look at the order of the text(sequence) and think about what you read first, second, third.


Use your VIPERS knowledge to help you comprehend the text!



Warm-up =

Time for your beat that quiz – See if you can beat last week’s score!

Main Activity =

Another day of recapping … today you will be refreshing your memory of quarter past and quarter to times (you were getting so good at these just before school finished!!)

Can you remember what the minute hand points to for quarter past / quarter to times? First practice reading and making quarter past and quarter to times with somebody in your house. You can either use a toy clock if you have one or click on the following link

Your activities are very similar to yesterday but just based on quarter past and quarter to times. Complete the worksheet on drawing hands on the clocks then have a go at the challenge questions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss C and Mrs P.