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Friday, 15th May

Good morning all, 
Another week nearly done. 
Your 1st task is the final little bit on volume. I'm sure you're experts by now. 
I have also attached something a little bit different. 
I have uploaded a few different maths investigations that you can have a go at if you wish. There are a couple on there. Pick and choose whichever you fancy. 
You'll be glad to know that your work today isn't based on commas. 
Thought I'd finish the week with a nice one for you. 
I have uploaded two comprehension tasks based on David Attenborough's Dynasties. 
They are both video comprehensions with questions attached. 
You can delve as deep as you wish to with these videos. The questions have been set however feel free to discuss anything you pick up from the videos with family members. 
Have a nice weekend. 
As usual, I'll keep an eye out for you all up on Holcombe Moor. 
Mr Coop.