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Friday, 15th May

Good morning Year 6

The end of the SAT week – yippee!

I think some of you might quite like this, so here is your work for Friday 15th May:

The reality is that if we had been in school today you would have been doing your auditions for parts in the end of year production. As part of the audition process I would have asked you to read from the script that we were going to be using and to also sing for me. You were part of the Year 6 auditions last year so you should know what last year’s children had to do to get a part on the stage.

We are not in school so I would like you to choose a section of one of your favourite books and read it with real expression. This is something you will need to practise in order to alter your voice when different characters speak etc. (You might even have a playscript of some kind at home which you could use.)

I then want you to think of a song that you would have chosen to sing. Some children sing it unaccompanied and others in the past have used a backing track. When you feel that you are ready for your audition, I would like you to ask someone at home to be the audience/judge. Perform for them and ask them for their honest feedback.

What would be absolutely amazing would be for you to film your audition and put it on Portfolio of Dojo so that you are sharing it with me. Have a think about that!


After your stressful morning of auditions have a relax with a chocolate biscuit and a good read of the next edition of the First News newspaper that is on the Year 6 page of home learning.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe and I will be in touch next week.

Mrs K x