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Friday, 19th June

Happy Friday! 😊


I hope you’ve enjoyed your week. Are you up to anything this weekend? Many of you will be celebrating Father’s Day, so I hope you have a wonderful time.

I would like to add, it’s been really lovely catching up with families over the past two weeks and especially speaking to some of you over the phone. Whether you’re dipping into home learning, doing it daily or keeping busy doing other things – it’s great to know you’re all keeping well.

Those who I haven’t spoken to, I’ll try calling again next week. I am also in school next week with the junior bubble, so I will look forward to seeing some of you and catching up with you then.  



This week we’ve revised multiplication and division skills. Hopefully you watched the videos and deepened your understanding of the methods. Today, you have a choice. Depending on how the week has gone, you can either continue to practise some of the skills by creating some of your own calculations. If you have a die, you could roll it two or three times to create your first number (either two or three digit) then roll it again to get the number you’ll multiply / divide it by. If you’re happy with your skills, then you can move onto some problem solving using multiplication and division. You might even do both – I will leave that up to you! Here’s today’s video link:
Watch and listen carefully before completing the worksheets.



It’s time today to start thinking about your own story. You’ve practiced lots of English skills this week based on The King of the Fishes now it’s time for you to get creative. You will not write your story today, but you will start to think about your main character. What species will your main character be the King or Queen of? You can start to jot some of your ideas down but next week you’ll be supported every step of the way through writing your own story. 



We’ve quizzed, sung, danced, been creative, made dens, and fined and dined… I need your help with more ideas! This week… create your own Friday fun and share it with me. We have potentially have four more Fridays left. I need four ideas!


Have a restful weekend Y4,


Miss K  xx