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Friday, 19th June

Morning all, 


I have attached the final two tasks for the numeracy work. 


I have uploaded day 4 and 5 today. See how much you can get through. It was revision tasks this week so hopefully you've found this week ok and you can have a go at finishing both day 4 and 5. I have also uploaded another problem solving sheet. 


The answers for yesterday's sheet have been uploaded onto class dojo. There are two pictures with the answers on. 





I hope you enjoyed Thursday's literacy task.  With a little bit of enthusiasm and creativity, you could have gone in any direction you liked with the writing tasks. Please do share any of your modern versions of the theme behind The Battle of Marathon. It would be lovely to see some humorous stories. 



Today's task is a little bit different. 


Following a conversation with the y6 about some of the benefits of lockdown, I thought we could have a look at sustainability and addressing climate change in our cities. 


I would like you to plan, design and create your own sustainable city. 


I have attached a planning sheet and a PPT which will help you to plan. 


When you have finished the planning sheet, I would like you to design and draw your sustainable city. Make sure you include all of the key points addressed in the ppt and on the planning sheet. 


You never know, your designs could be how the future looks as we continue to battle climate change. 


Good luck, 

Mr Coop