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Friday, 1st May

Good Morning Year 2,

We can’t believe how quickly another week has passed! It feels like such a long time since we last saw all of your lovely, happy faces. We miss you all so much and can’t wait for everything to get back to normal so we can all be reunited.


We hope you are all doing ok and that home learning is going well. We know how difficult it can be to try and work in your home environments but we’re sure that you’re trying your best and that’s all we can ask from you. Nearly weekend …


Here are your activities for today …


Log on to Classroom Secrets Kids > Year 2 > Spelling > Year 2 Spelling Game 3.

Today you will looking at irregular past tense verbs. These verbs don’t follow the rules you have been looking at and generally we don’t add -ed to put them in the past tense. E.g. run does not become runned. We would say ran.   

Please see attached sheet. Some of these past tense verbs you may know, others you may have to discuss with an adult.



Today you have a comprehension activity to complete. It is a little different to the previous ones you have been doing. Rather than a picture you have got a short extract of text. Read the text and make sure you understand it before answering any of the questions.  



Warm up – 

Friday again which means it’s time for your ‘Beat that’ maths quiz – We have attached a sheet for you to give this a go at home if you want to. Put the timer on for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and see if you can beat last week’s score. Good luck!


Main Activity –

Your next focus in Maths will be on money. Today you will start off by combining different coins to make the same amount.

Warm up - Get a selection of different coins. Can you say the value of each coin? What colour is each coin? Can you put the coins in order? What do you notice about the colour of the coins now they are in order?

Activity -Using real coins or plastic coins challenge yourselves to find 5 ways of making the following amounts. You might be able to find more than 5 possibilities! 10p, 20p, 35p, 50p, 82p, £1.Once you have completed your activity there is a money game that you can play online -


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss C and Mrs P.