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Friday, 1st May

Happy Friday! 😬

We’ve made it to the end of another week!

It’s time for some Friday fun…

As it was International Dance Day on Wednesday, it would be silly not to include some dancing in our  Friday fun! Put on a crazy outfit, show me your best dance move (video/or photograph) and I will put together a Y4 Dance video for you all to watch from the comfort of your own homes! 🍿 


Maths: Problem Solving

This week you have been using your four operation skills to solve problems in ways different to how we normally would. Today, I have attached ‘triangular arithmagons’ (sounds harder than it is). Use your addition and subtraction skills to work out the missing numbers.

Also, no quick questions today but I’ve made a game of snakes and ladders that covers some maths skills we’ve learnt in class. If you have someone to play along with, have a go!


English: Designing, Creating and Writing

Continue with your weather instruments. You should be in the process of either designing it, creating it or writing instructions about how to make it. I’ve included a ‘Instructions Genre Checklist‘  that you can use to check you have everything expected in your writing!


Finally, next week is going to look a little bit different. There’s a special day coming up, can you think what next week’s focus is?

 Have a lovely weekend and I will ‘see’ you on Monday!

Miss K 🌈 xx