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Friday, 1st May

Happy 1st of May and happy Friday!  Have you got your hat on?  Did you see any rainbows?  I can’t believe it is May already.  Are their lots of flowers springing up around you?  I have a lovey blossom tree in my garden.  Did you manage to plant your seed?  How is it doing?  Has it grown taller than you yet?


Observational drawing: It might be nice, if you can see some flowers in your garden or through your window to do some observational drawings of a spring flower pictures.  This time of year I love to do chalk drawings on black sugar paper as the colours really ‘pop’ and you can smudge the colours to create a really lovely effect.  You draw your flower/s with a pencil and then colour them in with crayons, pencil crayons or felt tips or you may like to paint your flowers.  With observational drawing you really need to try to draw what you can see, how may petals are on your flower, what shape are they?  What colour is each part of the flower?  Look closely at any leaves, can you see the lines on them?  Are their any details inside of the flower that you can draw?  Have you drawn the stem?


Phonics: Phoneme recap and reading word recap.


Writing: Lets try to label your drawing with the words:

Stem, leaf, petal, flower

Use the phonemes that you know to try to spell the words.


Try visiting bbc bitesize, there are some nice short clips about flowers.  The one below talks about the parts of a plant and seeds.


Shape, Space and Measure: Everybody!

Let’s do some measuring today!

We want to explore the language of tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest.  It is important to vary our language from big/small.  Can we do some measuring in your garden?  In Reception we measure by comparison, that is we put things next to each other to see which is longer/shorter.  We don’t want to be picking our flowers to do this so instead you could use a measuring stick (a garden cane) that you can mark on with a pen/stickers, or you could measure against yourself and use sticky labels on your clothes-no pen!  You will be measuring the height of different plants in your garden.  Which one is the tallest /shortest flower (taller/shorter)?  If you do not have a garden or indeed any flowers that’s ok, you could measure anything in your house e.g. which is the tallest your sofa or a dining room chair?

Extension: You could measure the seed that you have been growing with your grown up helper who could use a tape measurer/ruler-how high is it?  Can you read the number together?  You could keep a chart over the next few weeks and see how much it grows-you could do this in your diary.

Have lots of fun and happy rainbow spotting.



Parents, I realise that Reception activities are very practical and that they often require a lot of support from yourselves.  I am trying to make the activities as fun for you all as I can but remember these are just suggestions.  As a Mum, I realise how difficult home-schooling is and value whatever you can manage.  


Stay safe and happy, wishing you all well and I hope to see you all soon.  Mrs Balmer.