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Friday, 22nd May

It’s FRIDAY! 🙌

Well Y4, we made it! Not just to the end of the week, we've made it to the end of ANOTHER half term! I can’t quite believe how long we’ve been home learning now and as I keep saying how impressed I am with your efforts, hard work and persistence. You are super stars (that includes parents too!!!). 

For Friday fun this week, grab some paper, some gel pens, stickers, glitter and create yourself, your parents, sibling even pets if you like, anyone in your house certificates for all their fabulous work over the past two months. Present them with their certificates (just like we would in our Star of the Week assembly) and give reasons why (just like the teachers do). Celebrate all the success and handwork in your household.

To finish off learning this week…


Wow - loved the response yesterday from everyone using the LBQ site. Some really good results. There has been a lot to take in about shapes this week, the chances are you’ll need to recap some of the shapes and their properties. You could do this by looking through the work you’ve completed, making revision maps, posters, making shapes using objects in and around the house/garden, creating some shape art work (see mine attached) or even some shape baking! Explore and have some fun with shapes!



You should be in the mist of creating your own 'funny' poem. Take some time to read aloud your own poem (can you learn it off by heart?), explore expression and volume and think about the impact you want to have on your listeners. Present your poem to others. If you can, record yourself and share it on your portfolio.

Have fun!

Have a wonderful week off - you really do deserve it! 
Speak to you all soon. 
Take care. 

Miss K  xx