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Friday, 22nd May

Morning Year 6

I hope you got on well with yesterday’s work. Thank you once again to those people who have been sending me pictures of what they have been up to. Please continue to do so because I love seeing them.

Here we go with the work for Friday 22nd May:

1 In maths today I want you to create a graph showing the scores for each of the times tables tests that you have done. Along the x axis (horizontal) you need to write: test 1, test 2, test 3 etc depending upon how many tests you have done. On the y axis (vertical) you need to write the possible totals for the tests so that will be 1 to 65 because there were 65 questions. You then need to plot your graph for you scores. (You will need the graph paper again.)

2 Now I want you to work out your mean score for your tests, the mode, the median and the range. (There is a possibility that you will have the same number for some of these. Have a think why!)

3 Read the passage about Weapons and do the crossword and word search linked to the text. I have included the answers for you to mark what you have done.

4 To round off your morning’s work put your feet up and, have a good read of the next edition of the First News newspaper that is on the Year 6 page of home learning.

We have ‘got through’ the SATs and auditions for the play so we can now enjoy the half term break! I hope the weather continues to be kind to us all so that we can go outside for fresh air and do something physical.

Remember to stay safe and I will contact you after the ‘week off’.

Mrs K