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Friday, 22nd May

Friday 22nd May 2020-the last day of the half term.


After exploring the Cbeebies website I have noticed in the ‘grown-up’ section there is some information about mindfulness and calming activities for children using a free app.  I have not used it so cannot say if it will be useful to you and your child but some of the activities did look nice or might give you some ideas.


I hope that you have enjoyed your reading activities this week and that you now feel more confident with your chosen set of words.  You could continue to use these games anytime to help you to learn new words or to recap ones that you may have forgotten.  Or you might have thought of some even better ones to use.


For phonics today please do your usual recap and maybe play a game such as ‘Flashcard Time challenge’ on New Phonics Play.


If you were a pirate and you were stuck (castaway) on a treasure island you would want to try to get some help by writing a message and putting it in a bottle and sending it off to sea.  Today I thought that you could have a try at writing a message in a bottle.

You can use you pirate treasure map to help you to describe what your island looks like so that the other pirates can come and find you.   For example: I am stuck on an Island.  It has got a big dark cave and a deep swamp.

Use your phoneme mats to help you to sound out those tricky words.  I have attached a bottle sheet for you to draw lines on for your writing-please do not put your message in the sea!😊    


Shape, Space and Measure:

Have you re-measured your sunflowers lately-have they grown? 


Today I thought that you could explore capacity using the language of full, empty, half full, half empty, more, less.  With the weather being so lovely you could explore filling different containers with water-can you make them half full, full, empty.  Now do a little problem solving and estimating using a small container and a bigger container.

-how many cups or spoons does it take to fill the larger tub?  What happens if you use a bigger spoon like a ladle? 

-which container will hold more and why? you could use a wide tub or pan and a tall beaker for this.

-You could have a racing game, who can fill their tub the fastest with their chosen container?

Have lots of fun and remember to keep modelling the language of capacity and comparison as you play together.


I have included a link to a BBCbitesize game that you might like to play-click on ‘habitats’.  It is a game for matching creatures to habitats-that is, where they live.


After the half term we will be continuing with our oceans/under the sea topic but maybe without the pirates, but possibly the odd mermaid/merman and plenty of sea creatures.


Have a lovely restful week off.  Stay safe and have fun. Miss you lots.  Mrs Balmer 😊