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Friday, 24th April

Happy Friday! 🌈

At the end of another week! I hope your first week back home learning went ok. I tried to ease you in… Next week, I will be introducing our summer topic. I’m really excited about this and I’m hoping you can help me be really creative!

To end the week…

Maths: Convert times between digital and analogue

I have attached another PowerPoint that goes through the steps of converting times between digital and analogue. Again, it is best to view the PowerPoint as a slide show as it takes you through each step and also gives you opportunities to have a go at answering questions. Following this, there are some worksheets to complete. The sheets are graded with star symbols, 1 star being easier, 3 stars being more challenging – pick the one you feel will be best to challenge you, remember your brain won’t learn if it isn’t challenged! 


English: Learn the lyrics!

FRIDAY FUN!! You ready for this? I want you to hit the link below,, click week 5, scroll down to Friday’s song and get learning it! ‘It is full of utter nonsense’, a tongue-twister to master whilst having some fun. Grab your brothers, sisters, or any family members and see what you can produce. You could even make a home video, recording yourselves singing along. I have also attached activities about tongue twisters to go alongside. Can’t wait to see what you produce! I’ll be having a go too!

Have a great weekend.

Miss K xx