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Friday, 24th April

Good morning all. 


Friday is here and with it the final instalment of this week's work on converting measures and 'Little Freak'. 


I hope you have enjoy the film unit. There has been some challenging work set however I think the film was brilliant. 

It gives us a lot to think about both academically and personally. 


It certainly brings a tear to my eye. I am at one with my emotions. 


I have uploaded the final set of instructions. 




No PowerPoint today. 


So far, you have covered mm-cm, cm-m, m-km




Today you have a range of problems and some reasoning to have a go at. 

I've uploaded a few options, give them a good go. Yes, they do say year 6 but I've looked at them you will be absolutely fine. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mr. Coop.