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Friday, 24th April

Hi Everyone

How quickly has our first week ‘back’ gone? I hope you all enjoyed looking at the images of the Lusitania yesterday and you got on okay with your writing task.


More of a mixed bag of work for Friday 24th April:

1 Write down your next two sets of spellings. Identify any spelling patterns. Find out the definition of any unknown words. Take each word in turn and write a sentence containing that word.


2 I know we normally do our tables test on a Thursday but let’s do it today. Just like before the Easter holidays use the website: › speed-test

See if you can beat your accuracy and time from before the holidays. I would like you to note down your results and the time it takes you to do each test.


3 I know that we are not doing the SATs, but I do think it is good to make sure that we can still do the other aspects of maths that are not our main focus at the moment. In class I would be checking that you can still do long multiplication, decimals and a particular favourite of mine – fractions! I therefore want you to complete the 2011 Maths Paper A – 45 minutes. In order to mark it you will need to find the mark scheme online. Have a careful look at any you have get wrong and have another think about your answers. I have faith in you all to do well!


I hope you all have a great weekend. Let’s hope the good weather continues.

I’ll ‘see’ you all next week. Stay safe.


Mrs K x