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Friday, 24th April

Good morning.  Happy Friday!  I think that you have worked really hard this week and you deserve 2 days off, parents too!


First go through your phoneme flashcards, letter names with their sounds and current reading words. (Full reading packs can be done at a different time in the day if you wish as these can take longer to do).

Phoneme revision:

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: ‘Cow and Owl Town’  using ow/oi, it does use ‘ur’ not ‘er’ so a little help might be needed, although they might know it by now as it keeps cropping up!

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s: ‘Stunt Quest’

Activity for everybody: exploring the language of ‘setting’/’character’/main events.

First I want you to practise the spellings ‘they’ and ‘went’.  Try playing make and break: This is where you spell the word with single letters (scrabble tiles, magnetic letters, foam letters or even letters written on paper).  Spell the word and then mix up the letters and race to put them back in the right order to spell the word.  If you feel confident that you can spell these words then skip this bit out.

Using the story that you enjoyed yesterday we are going to do some drawing and writing about the main events, character and settings.  Can you draw a picture of your main characters in the main setting, e.g. Cinderella at the ball. 

Mrs Balmers/Miss Hathaway’s: I want you to write two sentences about your picture. So for Cinderella it might be ‘They went to the ball’ .  They had a good time’.  If we have practised the spelling or sound then use these in your writing, if we have not learnt the word that you are trying to use, then have a really good try at sounding out the word.  Listen for each of your sounds, using your sound mat to help you.  The only words that you can sneaky peek at are they spellings that we have been learning, otherwise have your best go.

Parent’s:  your child’s writing may be very phonetic at the moment e.g ‘sindela went to the bol’.  This is fine!  If they can hear a sound that we haven’t covered yet then it is ok to tell them, let them copy it or write it in for them.

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group:  I feel that you are able to write more and will probably want to.  Why not try retelling the story.  You could do a picture for the beginning of the story, middle of the story and end of the story.  Then write two or three sentences for each picture.

Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaway’s group:  if you feel you can and want to write more then go for it!  Don’t forget your finger spaces, sit your letters on the line and remember to put a full stop at the end of each sentence idea.


You phonics and writing might take you longer today and you may have been sat for a long time so lets go for a practical maths.

Lets explore the language of ‘heavy, ‘heavier’ and ‘heaviest’/’light’, ‘lighter’, and ‘lightest’.

Find a toy, how does it feel? Heavy or light?  Can you find a toy that is lighter and one that is heavier?  Can you order them and use the language of ‘heavy, ‘heavier’ and ‘heaviest’/’light’, ‘lighter’, and ‘lightest’?  Remember to place an object in each hand to ‘weigh’ them at the same time so that you notice if they feel heavier.  Can you sort three objects that your parent has found?  Try to use things that are quite obviously different at first and then increase the challenge.

Have lots of fun!

Missing you lots and lots.  Hope you are all safe and well.  Have a super fun but also restful weekend.

Parent’s: you are doing a super job home schooling, I know it’s really not easy but I hope that you are having some fun too. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.  I hope to see you at the classroom door soon.  😊Mrs Balmer