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Friday, 26th June


Morning Y4. I hope you’ve had a good week. It’s been a very busy one for me! Have you been getting plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nice weather? 

Your Friday Fun has been assigned by Alice this week. She challenges you to create a scavenger hunt for your siblings/family members. I’ve attached an example for you. Don’t forget to time them!



We’re going to have a break from fractions today (until next week). Instead, I would like you to complete the LBQ activity I have set. Code on Class Dojo. Its focus is: adding mentally. You should use your knowledge of place value, (hundreds, tens and ones) and your number bonds to work the calculations out mentally. Remember, mentally doesn’t mean you cannot make any jottings! It just means try not use to the written method (column addition). Add the ones, add the tens, add the hundreds and calculate the answers.  

Challenge: Check out the ‘Problems of the day’!



You should have now finished your story draft (not daft!). As we normally would in school, today your job is to edit it, checking for punctuation, spellings and anything else that needs improving. Once you’ve done this, write/type it up ready for someone else to read. Look at the worksheet for some publishing ideas.


It would also be good to get some feedback on the Talk for Writing Scheme we've used over the past two weeks as this is the first time we've used it. 



Today’s additional English task is to do some reading for 15-20 minutes. The more you read, the more you’ll know!



Have a lovely weekend. 

'See' you on Monday.


Miss K  X