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Friday, 26th June

Good morning, 


For the final time this week, please have a look at the reflection tasks uploaded. I have provided you another page from TYM.  I have included section: A, B and C. I would have thought you'd be fine doing B and C.  You will need to draw a grid in order to complete these questions. I have also attached some squared paper so that you can print out and use. If you don't have access to a printer, don't worry. You could attempt to draw the grids. This is good practice for when we look at graphs! 



If you haven't quite finished your monster non-chronological report, then please finish that. 


Seeing as the focus has been on non-fiction writing, I have provided comprehension of  a non-chronological report based on Ancient Greece  to finish the week. 


I hope you have managed to enjoy the weather over the past few days and I hope you have a lovely weekend. 


All the best, 

Mr Coop.