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Friday, 26th June

Happy Friday Reception.

Reading: Please take time today to go back over your old sets/reading pack-hopefully if you keep doing this there will be less words that you forget each time.    

Phonic recap:  Flashcards and alphabet song or dance.  Keep working on your letter names.  Did you see if you can order alphabet?  Try adding the rest of the letters if you can.  How did you get on with the Reading Robot yesterday?  Don’t worry if you get a low score, just keep trying to improve on it each time you go on.

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group:  Phase 3

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group:  Phase 4

Activity for everybody: Spelling: 

Have a check on the spellings that you have learnt so far-today I would like us to put them into sentences-you can make these short e.g. ‘she had a hat’ or as long as you like ‘’they all went into the shop to get a hat’.  You can write these on paper, chalk them, use letter cards/magnetic letters to make your words for your sentences or maybe use sticks, stones and leaves.  Whichever way you do your writing, try to have fun and don’t worry if you get don’t spell your words exactly right-just put them on your list for next weeks spellings.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:

Did you enjoy the number bond game yesterday?  Are you starting to remember some of your number bonds to 10? I have attached an addition sheet for number bonds to 10-you need to fill in the missing numbers so that then sums equal 10-see if you can remember them without looking at your poster.

Alternative activities if you don’t feel ready to move onto number bonds:

I have attached an addition sheet by counting on using spots within 12 sheet if you would like to practise your addition by counting on.  Remember to put the number in your head and cross out the spots as you count on.

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:

First choose one of the skills from Wednesday to practise.  Then have a try at the addition by counting on within 30 that I have attached, remember to put the biggest number in your head (I’ve made this the first number today) and put the smallest number on your fingers and then count on.


I thought that you could maybe design a boat today-and then make it.  Next test it out-does it float or sink?  Will it hold your pirate to take them to treasure island?  Think about what would be best to make your boat out of so that it doesn’t sink.  Have fun!

Take care, Mrs Balmer