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Friday, 27th March

Hey Y4!  :) 

Here we are, at the end of our first week of home learning. How has it been? It’s been very strange for me, not being able to teach you the way I would. That includes the nagging… so today in true Miss K style, it’s ‘checking time’! You know how I always pipe on about how important it is to check your work… well today’s work is all around checking it!

Today’s activities!

Maths: Checking strategies

Checking maths work is just as Important as checking your English work. Hopefully you can remember that the inverse helps you to check your calculations. Today’s maths questions ask you to use the inverse operations to check addition and subtraction of up to two 4-digit numbers with exchanges.

Also, have you been practising your times tables? Don’t forget you have copies of the xtables speed grids we do in school or give the interactive timetable speed test a go and let me know your score!

English: Editing and improving day

Hopefully you worked hard yesterday getting all your ideas down when writing your draft. I’ve seen some great work on your portfolios! Today it is time to polish your writing up! Watch this video to remind you of all the things you should be checking your writing for
CAPS, will also help you remember, I hope! :) There is also an editing activity if you scroll down, to get you into gear.


Once you are happy and proud of your draft, it is time to write it up neatly. Be creative with your presentation, make it colourful and attractive to the reader and show off all your hard work.

WELL DONE on your first week of home learning. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I am pleased to see (from all your photos/videos) that whilst you have been at home learning you've been ensuring you have lots of fun and enjoy the sunshine too! Just as it should be! 

Have a lovely weekend and I will 'speak' to you Monday.

Stay safe.

Miss K X