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Friday, 27th March

Good Morning Year 1,

Wow – Friday already! This week has flown by!


Here are your activities for today…


Go onto the Phonics Play website. You can access this on a tablet using the address         username: march20   password: home

Click on phase 5 on the menu that appears at the left hand side of the screen. Practice phonemes and tricky words using ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’. Then, play the ‘Reading Robot’ game. Your phoneme to focus on today is kn. Practise writing kn. Can you think of any words that contain kn?

Here is a video you might want to use to introduce kn:


Kn - Dudley's Ditties (song for kids about the "kn" sound)

Dudley's Ditties are a fun and effective way for children to learn how to read and decode words. Studies have shown that lyrics remain in the memory forever. Enjoy this new series from Kimber's Reading Express. Dudley's Ditties app is available in the iTunes and Google Play Store! Animation by ...

Practise reading and writing the following words that contain the kn phoneme.

Knee, kneel, knife, knock, knight, knot.

Now can you think of a sentence that contains at lease 2 of these kn words?



We have attached a document containing a few pictures. Choose any one of the pictures and write a short story about it. Once you have written your story remember to check it using the proofreading skills you worked on earlier this week.

Be creative!

Parents, to achieve the best results please discuss the picture with your child before they start writing. Discuss what and who they can see in the picture. Help them to develop a story idea.



Warm up – 

Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. I have thought of a slightly more exciting way for you to practice this. Write the multiples of 2 on pieces of paper. Ask someone to hide them around your garden or house. Then it is your task to find all of the numbers and put them in the correct order. Repeat with 5s and 10s.

Main Activity –

Today you will be continuing with number doubles.

First, play number doubles on ‘Hit the Button’.

Please find attached challenge questions based on number doubles. There are a lot of questions and we would not expect you to complete all of them. Just complete as many as you can!

Parents, the questions go in order from least to most challenging. Please encourage your child to explain why they have got certain answers and encourage them to ‘prove it’ using objects.  


Have a lovely day and weekend!

Speak again on Monday 😊

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.