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Friday, 27th March

Hi Everyone

We have managed to make it to Friday!! I hope you got on ok with the Problem Solving and Reasoning pages from Classroom Secrets.

Here we go for the work for Friday 27th March:

1 Complete the 2010 Maths Paper A – 45 minutes. In order to mark it you will need to find the mark scheme online. Have a careful look at any you have got wrong and have another think about your answers.

2 Using the internet, carry out some research about the why WW1 began and bullet point the main reasons for the war (Use your blue book)

3 Read to the end of Chapter 5 of Listen To The Moon. Have you spotted any items from our ‘Lucy Box’ in the story yet? (Horseshoe, piece of music by Mozart, horseshoe, picture of the Lusitania, one-eyed teddy bear, peacock feather, piece of blanket with the name ‘Wilhelm’ on it.)


Hope you all find something interesting and creative to do during the weekend inside your houses, possibly in your gardens if this glorious weather continues.


Keep yourselves safe. ‘See’ you next week.

Mrs K x