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Friday, 3rd April

Good morning Year 3,

I hope that everybody is ok and you are ready for your Easter break.

Today's tasks are as follows-


Today I would like you to look at the sentences on the sheet and label which words are verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.  We have looked at these types of words most weeks in our SPaG lessons, lets see what we remember! A verb is a word which describes an action, a noun is a name of an object, an adjective describes what a noun is like, e.g. enormous and an adverb describes how something is done, e.g happily and slowly.


  *   Today I would like you to use the knowledge that you have developed this week and accurately draw some lines, using a ruler.  This stars of simply, using whole cm, but then includes mixed cm and mm lines.  I have also included some of the decimal measures that we looked at before we closed.  Remember 3.2cm is the same (equivalent) as 3cm and 2mm and 8.7cm would be equivalent to 8cm and 7mm.

Don't forget to keep your times tables ticking over and keep up the hard work on reading the time from both a digital and analogue clock.  However, most important, take plenty of breaks, get some exercise and if you are able to, some fresh air in your back garden.


Your Easter home learning tasks relax, enjoy your break and eat some chocolate (but not too much!).

I hope that you all have a lovely Easter holiday and if you are in school during the second week of the holidays I will hopefully see you.

Bye for now!

Mr G