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Friday, 3rd April

Happy Friday! 👏


We have made it to the end of the second week of home learning. It’s been the weirdest of two weeks teaching you from my laptop and iPad but you’ve all done a super job and I have really enjoyed communicating with you via your portfolios – thank you for cooperating!


At 11am today, for those of you that can join in, it will be quiz time. A nice way to end our two weeks of home learning. I have put the quiz together using Kahoot, which we have used in Y4 plenty of times so you should all know what you're doing. I will also put instructions on ClassDojo to help you out. Be ready! 

Here are the tasks to finish off the learning for this week…

Maths: To interpret data from a line graph.

Again, you are looking at a line graph and answering questions to ensure you can interpret the data presented.

Also, I downloaded an Easter themed maths booklet a few weeks ago that I planned on using in school for morning work.  As we’ve not been in, I have attached it to this week’s leaning – it isn’t compulsory but it has some lovely ideas in it that will keep many of the Y4 maths objectives ticking over.


English: Writing!

I’m going to leave it up to you today! Here are some writing opportunities linked to the video clip we’ve been using this week. Pick one and go for it!

  • Rewrite the story but create a new plan to get rid of the shoemaker. If you include dialogue – don’t forget your inverted commas! 
  • Create persuasive arguments for the little shoe maker's shoes.
  • Design some magic shoes – they must do something extraordinary! Advertise them – you could even include a quote (using inverted commas) from someone who’s bought a pair!
  • Explanations or instructions about how to make magic shoes. 

Looking forward to seeing how creative you get with your writing this week.


Have a lovely two weeks of rest, spend lots of quality time together and I hope you get lots of chocolate from the Easter bunny! 🐣 

See you soon!

Take care.

Miss K  x