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Friday, 3rd April

Hi Year 6

The end of the week, and the end of the term.

Here we go with the work for Friday 3rd April:

1 Complete the 2010 Maths Paper B – 45 minutes. In order to mark it you will need to find the mark scheme online. Have a careful look at any you have got wrong and have another think about your answers.

2 I have ‘attached’ a PDF transcript of the mental arithmetic test (and answer page) that Year 6 pupils had to do in 2010 as part of the Maths SATs. Ask someone at home to read the questions to you, giving you the specific times indicated.

3 Once you have got a score for the mental arithmetic test add it to the score for Paper B and Paper A from last week to get an overall total out of 100. I have ‘attached’ the level thresholds for you to see what level you would have got in 2010.

4 Read to the end of Chapter 6 of Listen To The Moon, noting down any thoughts that spring to mind. Remember to keep thinking about the items in our ‘Lucy Box’.

Yes, it is the Easter holidays and I know that this year it will seem very strange but try to make the best of the next two weeks. Get some fresh air, do something physical and be creative – unless of course you would like to download a lot of SAT papers to get on with??

Love to all of you and your families. Be safe.

I’ll contact you in a couple of weeks.


Mrs K x