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Friday, 3rd April

Good morning Reception and happy Friday. 


This will be our last set of lessons and then you can have two lovely weeks off, let’s hope that the sun shines.  However, should you have a bit of time to spare please try to keep revising your reading words.  


Phonics: daily phoneme recognition-you can have a go at the game: ‘Phoneme pop’ on  

www.letters-  Click onto phase 3. 


Reading words:  Why not have a go at reading some of your words by playing on ‘tricky word trucks’ on ‘new phonics play’?  You can either click on just tricky words or all high frequency words (HFW) which includes some decodable words too.  If you scroll your mouse over the top of the tricky word tiles then it shows you which words are included so that you can choose the set that is most appropriate. 


 Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group: 

Today I would like you to do some sentence writing, this could be added to your home-schooling book if you have made one. 


Firstly, you will need to practise how to spell the key word ‘like’. You can do this many ways e.g you could copy the word, writing it big and small, tall and short, wobbly or bubble writing.  If you have any magnetic letters you could spell it and break it up and see how quickly you can spell it again.  Next have a think about what you like best about being at home and what you have enjoyed doing.  Say your sentence out loud, thinking about how many words you will need.  Then have a go at writing your ‘I like to...’ sentence. 


Don’t forget to hold your pencil carefully in your ‘birdy beak’ grip.  Make sure you lease clear spaces, sit your letters on the line and to end your sentence idea with a full stop.  You could then add a picture or photograph of you doing your favourite thing.  Don’t worry if you need to sneaky peak at the spelling of ‘like’ as you write. 


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group: 

Please complete a sentence as described above for Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaway’s group.  If you can remember how to spell ‘like’ then try exploring the spelling of ‘because’ instead, unless you can remember how to spell ‘because’ too.  You can practise the spelling using the ideas explained above and you could you the mnemonic ‘big elephants can’t always understand small elephants’ to help you.  You can then write your I like to.... sentences but try to extend it with ‘because’, for example ‘I like to do phonics because it is fun’.   



Number: Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group: Daily counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, number double recall and number bonds to 10 recall. 


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group: 

Daily counting 0-20/ 20-0, flashcards recognition for the numbers to 20.  One 1 less than each of the flashcard numbers in random order.   


Main activity for all:  I hope that you enjoyed your activity yesterday.  Today I thought that you could do races!  The Reception children need to be able to solve problems using the language of position and distance, so using the language of ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘third’, ‘last’, ‘after’ and furthest.  

You could have a race with your child and then discuss what happened.  You could race: 

Cars, marbles, tiddly winks, jumping plastic frogs, frisbees... 


Have lots of fun with your learning, keep safe and well.  Can’t wait to see you all for a big catch up chat.  Sending you all a big smile 🙂, Mrs Balmer.