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Friday, 3rd July


The weeks are flying by!
We have only 2 left 'in' school! 


I'm really looking forward to sessions on Thursday 16th July. It's going to be lovely seeing each of you and catching up. 



Here's your work to end the week...




We're done with our 'fraction' learning until Y5 now!

Today, I've set you two tasks on Mymaths. One of which is times table practice. The other is recapping Multiples. It's been a while since we looked at the term 'multiples', can you remember what it means? A multiple is a number that can be divided by another number a certain amount of times without a remainder. Remember, on Mymaths you can take part in the lesson before completing the task to support you with your learning. 




I hope you're enjoying the theme of aliens. I have seen some fabulous creations! As we know, aliens often get up to mischief - find out what they've been up to on earth by reading the latest news headlines. On that note, have you ever fancied being a news paper reporter? Today's your chance to.


Don't forget we started our Friday fun as Thursday fun yesterday. 



Have a great weekend everyone. 

Miss you all. 



Miss K x