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Friday, 5th June

Morning all!


I hope you have enjoyed your first week back. It’s the weekend nearly!!

Back to Friday fun (and total randomness)! In school this week, we made dens. Luckily, we were able to make them outside at the beginning of the week when the weather was good. The children in school really enjoyed themselves and were VERY creative – they had all sorts of ‘furnishings’ and items in their dens. They then had to show us around ‘Welcome to my crib’ style! It also made a perfect place to eat dinner and ‘chill out!’ If you've not made one yet during lockdown give it a go, you might even want to do your home learning in it today!




Writing task (letter) √
SPAG activity (homophones) √
English games √ (hope you found some favourites)
Comprehension √

If you’ve completed all of the above, you should take some time to read something you enjoy today. It could be a book of your choice, something you’ve already started, something you’ve not read for a while, something you just fancy reading today, or it could be the newspaper (I’ve attached the latest edition of First News), a magazine – anything you know you’ll enjoy and get stuck into. 

Don’t forget, you can always play the online English games or log into Classroom Secrets and play some of the spelling games on there too.  



Final day on perimeter today… (kind of – we’ll touch on it slightly next week). I have attached a Perimeter Person, can you make sure I’ve calculated the perimeter of each item correctly, if not you’ll have to help me out and re-calculate please - I was rushing! Challenge – I wonder what the perimeter of the whole person is.

Once you’ve checked the perimeters, make your own perimeter person or pet! Work out the perimeter of each body part.

I know some of you are enjoying the LBQ questions so I’ve set another one based on perimeter if you want to complete it it’s there! Code to access will be on Class Dojo from 9am. 


Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


Miss K   X