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Friday, 5th June

Good Morning Year 2,

Happy Friday!!

Here are your activities for today …



Today it's VIPERS comprehension.


You are going to use the letter I have written to Mr Griffith about my trip to London.


Today you are focusing on vocabulary, prediction and retrieval.  On Monday the focus will be inference, explanation and sequencing.


The letter has been updated with some photographs of the places I visited on my pretend adventure.


Remember the answers are in the text!



Warm-up =

Friday again which means it’s time for your Beat That quiz – See if you can beat last week’s score!

Main Activity =

Today you will be starting to think about 3D shapes. What is a 3D shape? How is a 3D shape different to a 2D shape? How many 3D shapes can you name?

Watch this video to remind you of some different 3D shapes -

When we describe the properties of 2D shapes we talk about sides and corners. Can you remember the 3 things we talk about when we describe 3D shapes? (vertices – corners, faces, edges – where the faces meet).

Today I would like you to do a 3D shape hunt. This will be a good reminder of the 3D shapes and you can pay close attention to where the faces, vertices and edges are which will help you with your next activity. Please see the attached 3D shape hunt tally worksheet to complete (make sure you can name each of the 3D shapes on your sheet before starting).

Then, you have 2 options for your next activity depending on how creative you want to be. You will be focussing on the properties of 3D shapes. If we were doing this in school we would make 3D shapes using equipment and then count the faces, edges and vertices. This would be a really fun activity to do at home and a great learning opportunity. To make 3D shapes, use blue tack/playdough/marshmallows as the vertices and straws/spaghetti as the edges. See the picture below for an example …


Then fill in the sheet involving counting the faces, vertices and edges.

I completely appreciate that you may not have the time and/or resources for this activity so I have attached a worksheet you can use. With 3D shapes it is very difficult to count the properties off a worksheet so you could maybe use some of the objects you found on your shape hunt to help you count the faces, vertices and edges.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss C and Mrs P.