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We will continue to offer before and after-school provision at GOOSE.


For most classes, children will remain in their own classrooms for GOOSE. 


The exceptions to this are:

Year 6 will be based in the corridor area outside the Year 3 classroom so that a member of staff can supervise both Y3 and Y6.


Mrs Balmer’s and Mrs Parkinson’s classes will be based in separate halves of the GOOSE building.


This arrangement is in line with guidance to schools which states that “Schools should consider resuming any breakfast and after-school provision, where possible, from the start of the autumn term.  Some schools may keep children in their class groups for the majority of the classroom time, but also allow mixing into wider groups for specialist teaching, wraparound care.  Schools should carefully consider how they can make such provision work alongside their wider protective measures, including keeping children within their year groups or bubbles where possible. If it is not possible to maintain bubbles being used during the school day then schools should use small, consistent groups.”


To operate GOOSE in each of the 8 individual classrooms would jeopardise the long-term future of GOOSE. 

If you have not yet booked your GOOSE places, please email Katrina (our GOOSE manager) with your requests: