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This is the handwriting script that we now teach across our school, beginning in Reception. 


Up until Year 4, the children have discrete handwriting lessons where this script it taught.  As they become more confident, we expect the children to begin to use it in their free writing.


Once children enter Year 3 they are eligible to work towards gaining their "Pen Licence" if they can demonstrate beautiful, joined handwriting in all of their exercise books.


In years 5 and 6, children are expected to concentrate on their presentation and join their handwriting.

Letter-join is an online teaching tool for handwriting.   We have sent home login details for this (please ask your class teacher if you have misplaced these).

Of particular interest would be the animations in the "easy letters" and "harder letters" sections which show you how each letter is formed.

Relevant Documents

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

This is a useful video from YouTube which shows how each letter is formed.
This is particularly useful for younger children.