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Home Learning Tasks

Policy for Remote Learning

If your child is off school because they are self-isolating or waiting for the results of a test, we have provided learning resources for Maths and English.


Our maths home learning mirrors what the children are learning in school, following the White Rose Curriculum. 

For each day, there is a learning video of around 20 minutes for each year group followed by a main worksheet (this has the same title as the learning video).  An answer sheet accompanies this worksheet. Occasionally, there isn't a worksheet to accompany the video.

For further follow up, there are generally two additional sets of worksheets (labelled a and b).  In each set there are three different levels of activity - chose the one that best suits your child. 

Monday is day 1, Tuesday is day 2 etc.


For English, we have selected stand-alone reading/writing units for each year group from Talk4Writing. 

Each unit has enough activities to last for 2 to 3 weeks.


Please continue with your child's reading - aim for at least 4 times a week. 

If your child finishes the books they last brought home from school, you can find eBooks on the Oxford Owl website for all colour band in our reading scheme.

You will need to register (it's free) and then navigate to this page: 

You can login by clicking "My Class Login" and using the username/password GPShome 

You then need to head over to the "Oxford Owl ebook LIbrary" and books can then be selected "by level" and using the dropdown menu entitled "book bands".


Our reading scheme uses the same colours as Oxford Owl up until Lime. 

After that, follow this correspondence:


Greenmount Colour Band Oxford Owl Colour Band
Pale Blue Brown
Magenta Grey
Brown Dark Blue
Black Dark Red