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Home Learning Tasks

Thank you for the responses to our Home Learning activities.  

Please don't feel obliged to do all the activities set or to complete them on the day they have been set !  We know that many of you are juggling working from home and keeping your children's education ticking over. 

Our staff are doing their best to set activities that the children can do independently, but don't forget that in school we would be there to support them and we would adapt the activities if they were too easy or too tricky. 

Please just use the activities as a guide but if it's too much, set them aside and enjoy some family time. 

At the bottom of this page, we've posted links to a number of different celebrity "lessons" that take place online throughout the day !

Keep safe and take care.

The Greenmount team

Update: week 2's Junior Science Activity is now live :-)
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Useful websites

In addition to the websites that staff may direct you to in their daily updates, the following websites may be useful.   We will be adding to this list as time allows.

Existing pages of links


coming soon - please be patient with us !

Contact us

You can use this form if you desperately need to contact us about the home learning tasks. Please remember that we are operating with a reduced staff so it may take a while for us to respond to you.