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Important information from Bury Council (28th August 2020) on infection rates in Bury.

Sent on behalf of Geoff Little, Chief Executive and Lesley Jones, Director of Public Health

The latest figures (for week ending 22 August) show that Bury now has one of  the highest coronavirus infection rates in England, falling within the top 10 areas.

While rates across Greater Manchester are dropping, Bury’s continues to rise – and is now three times the national average.

This is the sixth weekly rise in a row in Bury, and we are now firmly in the Government’s sights. Unless the infection rate comes down immediately, we may be placed into the sort of extra measures that Oldham and Blackburn were, and possibly more.

There were 67 confirmed new cases in the week ending 22 August – up from 63 the previous week, and 51 the week before that.

The 7-day infection rate in Bury is now 35.2 per 100,000 population, up from 33.1 last week and 26.8 previously.

Household transmission remains an important source of new infections, as people spread the virus they caught in the community to their families. Hence the additional measures focusing on prevention of transmission from household to household.

Those aged 18 – 39 account for more than half of the new cases in Bury, and the percentage of positive tests has also increased. It is thought that the virus is spreading among them in both work and social settings.

Higher rates across Bury are not unexpected as we were significantly disadvantaged when entering the pandemic in terms of deprivation, health outcomes and general vulnerability to Covid-19 risks. Unlike other parts of the country we have more overcrowded housing coupled with concentrations of BAME households in the same areas. Key workers or low paid roles where they are less likely to be able to work from home or socially distance at work also lead to more risk of being exposed, as well as of contracting Covid-19.

Do your bit and act now

Given the latest situation, it’s even more important that you share this information both personally and professionally:

·         The latest data is available here:




·         Reach out to those under 39, who are critical in turning things around. We have campaigns for both 16 – 21 year olds and 22 – 39. If you can make use of these let the know

·         Display the posters attached (printed versions available on request)

·         Sign post to the council’s website as the hub for all coronavirus information:

·         Get the key messages above out there, including:

-          Safe hygiene still applies and is critical – wash your hands, cover your face, keep a safe distance

-          You can no longer meet with people you don’t live with:

o   Inside private homes

o   Inside public venues

o   Or outside in private gardens