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January 2016

Discussion in our latest meeting centred on our fundraising day, to be held in the summer term.  As agreed previously, the School Council will be raising money for a defibrillator and for the Bury Cancer Foundation.  Many suggestions were given for the sponsored event to be held, but the feeling was that we wanted to do something a little different than in previous years.  Individual members are going to go away over the next couple of weeks, speaking with their classmates and thinking of ideas for the structure of the fundraising day.  

The Year 5 children, in their suggestion box, raised the idea of perhaps having a healthy snack bar available at morning break.  The Year 6 children raised concerns about the timetable for the new play mound, stating that because their session was always in the morning, if it had been wet overnight, they were unable to go on this for safety reasons.  The children suggested an alternating rota.  Both of these ideas will be raised by members of the Council with Mr Griffith.