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June 2017

The School Council welcomed Mr Coop to their meeting, to discuss potential changes to the Sports Day for both infant and junior children.  The children were asked to discuss which races the children didn’t enjoy and which races they would like to see in the event.  There was a unanimous decision that the collection race wasn’t enjoyed by many children and that there should be the inclusion of more “traditional” sports day events, such as the egg and spoon race, three legged race and a “dizzy” football dribble / penalty shootout.  Mr Coop liked some of the suggestions and will be working on a revised race list, based on the input from the Council.  It was also agreed that the Year 6 pupils would take greater responsibility for starting the races, as well as acting as officials at the end of each race, collating positions etc.


The School Council felt that our annual fundraising event in May was a great success.  Mr Geeson passed on his thanks for the hard work of the children for organising this. Next week we will be beginning to count the money and so should be able to give you the total raised, very soon.