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March 2017

As you are now aware, the annual fundraising day will take place on Friday 12th May 2017.  Mr Geeson announced that there is a parent who may be willing to help support the defibrillator through a business and this is being explored.

Some of the suggestions from the class boxes, included a set football day for the Year 6 girls.  A long discussion took place surrounding this, but it was pointed out that girls do play alongside the boys (like all classes) and that the Year 6 class does get an extra football day.  The Year 6 reps agreed to approach Mrs Kenyon, to ensure that girls are being fully included within the games.

It was agreed to speak with Mr Griffith about training for lunchtime buddies, as some buddies were not really aware of their responsibilities.

The final suggestion centred around the pedestrian gate at the entrance to the school.  It was pointed out that at both the start and end of the school day, there is a lot of congestion within this area and the gate could be made wider.  During the discussion, it was agreed that in the ideal world, a larger gate would be beneficial.  However, with current funding cuts to schools, this could impact on the education within school, if funding was directed away from books and resources.