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May 2016

At the meeting this week, for the first time in a long time, there were no suggestions in the class boxes.  Class reps agreed to speak with their classes to encourage people to put forward sensible suggestions for the School Council to discuss.


It was agreed to change the date of the fundraising day from the beginning of June to the 1st July.  This would avoid a clash with the Year 4 trip.  On this day, the children will be taking part in a sponsored dance and will be asked to come in their own clothes, but with some item of clothing / accessory which would identify them with a famous pop star.  The Council are keen to point out that children don’t need to wear a full costume of someone famous! Daniel from Year 6 has priced up some defibrillators which would be suitable for school and he has worked out that we would be looking around £900 for a decent model.