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Monday, 11th May

Good Morning Year 2

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you have been sharing on your dojo portfolios – it is lovely to see you have been working hard and enjoyed learning about VE day!



Throughout the week, if you can, go onto Phonics Play and access the Speed Trial game for phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs up to Phase 5 - remember the alternative sounds if they have them.

For example - ch can make the sound ch for church, ch for chef or ch for chameleon.  Also play the Tricky Word Truck game to help you with reading and spelling all words upto Phase 5.  Challenge yourself to beat your time each day.


You also have a sheet to complete about adding the suffix 'ed'.  Changing verbs from present to past tense.



Can you remember what kind of word a noun is?  It's the name of a person, place or thing.  Nouns can be proper or common.  Make an alphabet of proper and common nouns.


Write a recount of your V.E. Day and draw a picture or do it on the computer and practise your keyboard skills and maybe include a photograph.


We had a street party with lots of bunting and decorated windows.  Everyone sat outside their own house and had a picnic.  John and Maria at number 18 played music from the 1940s.

It was lovely to meet and get to know the new neighbours Peter and Lorraine.  The sun shone, the children scooted up and down the street and it was a very a happy day.



Warm-up =

Click on the following link – work through the 2 times tables activities.

Main Activity 

Today you will be focusing on calculating change. We often get a little confused with this but it is important to remember that you have already learnt the skills needed to be able to do this. To calculate change all we need to do is a subtraction. The amount we’ve paid subtracted by the price of the item. We will begin by focusing on smaller numbers to get you into the swing of how to solve these problems before moving onto bigger numbers. We would suggest completing the worksheet and then playing shops with somebody in your house to practice your skills. When completing the worksheet remember to write down the sum you need to do to find the answer.


Miss C and Mrs P.