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Monday, 11th May

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and any VE celebrations. Back to maths and English this week after a very creative and wonderful week learning about WW2. 

Maths - Position and Direction 

This week our maths topic is ‘Position and Direction.’ We very briefly touched on this last week as this involves using coordinates.

Today, I have attached a Powerpoint (PPT) which you will need to view as a slideshow as it goes through the teaching points of reading coordinates. This will then help you with your understanding for the rest of the week and enable you to complete all the other tasks that will be set. As the week progresses, things may get a little tougher! 

The PPT is pretty self-explanatory, as you go through it you will see there is a match up game to play (attached document) and at the end of the lesson you are asked to make an order using your coordinate knowledge. If we were in school, we’d be taking each other’s orders and working out what people would like. Maybe you could do this if you have anyone that’s not busy at home. 

After reading the PPT, if you’d like some practice plotting coordinates then download the attachment ‘Emoji Coordinate’. `


English - Comprehension 

The English work will continue to be themed around our topic. Let’s start by looking at ‘The Water Cycle’ – this plays an important role in our lives and earth itself! 

Today, I would like you to read the non-chronological report about the water cycle and answer the questions which are attached. There are three versions of the text – marked using the star symbol: one star = easiest, 2 star = medium (most of Y4), 3 star = harder (free readers particularly).
You should read the text carefully. As we do in school, you may need to read it more than once to really make sure you understand it. There are lots of technical, scientific vocabulary in the text that will probably be new to you.  
When you are happy with your understanding, have a go at answering the questions which correspond with the text you read. Remember, refer back to the text to find your answers! 

Happy home learning! 

Miss K x