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Monday, 11th May

Good morning everyone, 
I hope you all had an enjoyable Bank Holiday Weekend. Were you involved in any street parties to celebrate VE day? Don't forget to share any pictures if you were. 
I have uploaded a more traditional reading comprehension for you to have a look at today. 
Please read through carefully, just like we would in school. Clarify any language you are unsure of and if it is possible, discuss the text with someone else in your house.  IT's a really interesting topic this one. If you are interested by it, you could always research a little more about the period of time. 
There are a set of questions and then some vocab work to have a look through. 
I have also attached a new spelling list. Why don't you create a spelling poster, like the ones I usually send home, to practise. 
The focus for the next few days will be volume. 
Have a quick look through these pages from the BBC. They explain what volume is and how to calculate it. 
You can then have a go at the sheet I have uploaded. 
The *** sheet does get a bit tricky as you have to multiply decimals. Don't worry too much about this but have a go if you want to. Are there any methods you can use to help you work out the multiplications. 
As an extension, I have set some perimeter and area questions. These don't have to be done today but can be done across the week. 
Mr Coop.