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Monday, 11th May

Hi Year 6

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you were able to celebrate VE Day. I would like to think that the work you did last week helped you to understand the importance of the day.

We now need to ‘return’ to World War 1 (1914 -1918) for the next few weeks as we continue with our book, Listen To The Moon.

This week would have been our SATs’ week and we would have been doing the SPAG test today, Monday 11th May, – but instead we have got …

Our Writing Morning!

Before our week focused on World War 2 and The Battle of Britain you wrote an informal letter in character as a passenger or member of crew of the Lusitania. I want you to write another informal letter today. You should hopefully have already read chapters 6 and 7 of Listen To The Moon. Today I want you to write a letter from Merry to her Papa in England. Will she tell him about

receiving his letter, packing, and preparing to board the Lusitania, the worrying conversation between Mama and Old Mac, the black cat at the quayside? Will she mention her feelings? Don’t forget that Merry wants to see her father but she is also leaving people behind in New York.


Think carefully about your language choices because it is 1915 and Merry had had a ‘proper’ upbringing so would have quite respectful in the way she would speak/write to her father.


Enjoy your writing task and don’t forget to keep editing!

(Refer to the ‘tick’ sheet which I included with your writing task on 1st April.)

Take care of yorselves

Mrs K x