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Monday, 11th May

Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning Reception children and parents, I hope that you are all well and that you had a lovely long weekend.  I had a picnic in the garden on Friday and a walk in the sunshine. 


Parents, when we are in school I always go at each child’s pace and recap learning as we go.  I am conscious that some of your children might need to consolidate what we have done so far.  So over the next few weeks I want to recap and revise our new learning. 


Our topic for this half term is sea-life and comparing this to where we live.  For the last two weeks we have looked at the plants and minibeasts where we live.  Now I thought it would be nice to look at sea-life and their habitat (where they live) and within this lovely topic we always love to include pirates!!!


Firstly, let’s start with our morning phonics and reading word recap, please go through all of your Phase 3 phoneme cards and revise your letter names if you need to learn these. 


Mrs Carrs/Mrs Brennan’s:

We will look at the last of our ‘blends’ this week.  Today we will look at the end blends nd/ld  as the last of the end blends.  I thought that we could practise all of our end blends for reading by playing ‘Buried Treasure’ on the new phonics play website (password march 20/usename ‘home’)-Phase 4 cvcc words-choose 'set 1-7 with digraphs’.

Then you can read the comic: ‘Let’s go Fishing’ on  the website ‘phonicsplaycomics’.

I thought that you could have a little fun drawing a treasure island, it could include:

sand/ a pond/ an old windmill/a field/gold treasure-can you think of any other words ending in ‘nd’/’ld’ that you could include?  You could label the places on your island.  Later this week we will turn your ideas into a treasure map.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaways:  This week we will look at our final phoneme ‘ure’.  This can make two sounds as in ‘treasure’/’pure’ and there are not many words for it.  Firstly please visit BBC Bitesize to learn all about the sound



Then play ‘Buried Treasure’ on the new phonics play website (password march 20/usename ‘home’)-Phase 3 and click on ‘+ure’.  Try to read each of the words-are they real or not real (fake)-see if you can make the pirate dance!  Then you could have a try at drawing or even making your own treasure chest using an old cardboard box and foil-what would you put in it?  You could put your own treasures in it or draw items.



Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaway’s group:  I would like you to recognise all of the numbers to 20, to be able to put these in the correct order and to be able to work out the missing number if one is removed.  This also helps with your understanding of 1 more and 1 less.  Please play the number line game from previous weeks if you need more practise on the ordering and revise saying 1 more/1 less than a number within 20 if you need to continue to learn this-you could use the number line to help you or try to remember from your head.  Then see if you can complete the attached missing numbers sheet-with or without the help of your number line-it’s up to you.  Or you can complete a similar activity without printing using your number cards.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group:  I thought that you could revise your counting in 5s by completing a missing numbers activity.  As always you can print out the attached activity or make your own.  You need to have the numbers to 100 in 5’s so 5,10, 15, 20 … and make them into a number line.  Then play a game where a grown up removes one or more of your numbers -can you solve the problem by counting in 5’s to find out the missing number?  Your child might enjoy removing the number for you to work out-this can be fun too, try asking them why they think that the number goes there? Then they can begin to reason their answers e.g. ‘because 45 is 5 more than 40 and 5 less than 50’.  You will need to model this reasoning.  Extension, can you order the numbers starting with 100 first and then try completing the missing number challenge?!



Lastly, ready Wednesday, please could you help your child to stain a piece of paper (A4 or A 3 if you can).  To do this either mix coffee and water or use some stewed tea bags and paint over the paper-you can blot the tea bags also but be careful of them ripping!  Leave this to dry and it will look like an old piece of parchment paper.  Once it is dry, carefully rip the edges of the paper so that it looks a bit worn and old-you might want to do this bit for your child.


If you don’t have time to finish these activities then you can carry through the week, don’t feel like you have to complete everything in one day.

As always, have fun, ‘speak’ to you tomorrow, Mrs Balmer.😊