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Monday, 13th July

Good Morning Year 2!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I can’t believe it is the 14th week of home learning and our last week of the school year! I hope you all enjoy your session in school today and have fun catching up with your friends. I have given you shorter activities today due to this.

Here are your activities for today …  



This week we will be focusing on syllables and how they can help us when spelling unfamiliar words.  Words are chopped up into parts and we spell each part in isolation.


For example - Park-in-son  


Start off by visiting Go Noodle and clapping it out with Blazer Fresh Boys.    


Using the names of your family (mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, dog, cat...) clap out their names and count how many syllables their names have.  There is a sheet to fill in attached.  You will be familiar with spelling many of the names of people in your family but others not so and that's were clapping it out and using syllables can help.



VIPERS reading comprehension. Please read the text carefully and then answer the questions.



Warm-up =  

Daily Ten

Hit the Button

Main Activity

Continuing with your work on fractions …

Please see the attached worksheets with grids on. You must colour the stated amount of the grid in as many different ways as possible. You will need to count how many squares are in the grid, then work out the fraction of that number before colouring any squares.

Miss C and Mrs P