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Monday, 13th July

Good morning Reception, this is our last week of learning in Reception.  I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, lets hope that the sun keeps shining.


Reading: Please go through your words, and you could try the Tricky word Trucks on Phonics Play.

Spelling:  Have you chosen 5 more words to learn or have you learnt all of my lists?  Continue to learn the ones from my lists if needed.  If you have learnt these, grown-ups, you could look at your child’s writing from the last few weeks and see if there are any common spellings that they need to learn or have forgotten.


Phonic recap:  Phoneme flashcards.

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: I would like you to have a try at blending to read the attached words that begin with the initial adjacent consonants (initial blends): str/spr/ Squ/scr/spl

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  I would like you to have a try at blending to read the attached polysyllabic words.



This week I thought that we would have a mini theme-shops!  I know that we used to really enjoy playing shop in school, such as our fruit shop and that some of you have been doing this at home too.  The topic of shops is great for speech and language extension.  By getting into role you can model some great language with your child.  They will need to phrase questions, formulate answers to questions, follow instructions and listen carefully to the customers This week I would like you to set up your own shop-this could be a toy shop, a snack shop, a fruit stall, a book shop, a cafe or even a travel agency.  For those children who already have a shop up and running, you could branch out and start a new business or keep your current one going. 

Today you will need to plan your shop.  You will need a shop sign, what will it be called?  Then you will need some signs such as open, closed, where to pay and also don’t forget your 2m distance sign and hand wash signs!  Tomorrow we will look at what else you will need to have on display.


Number: Please all keep revising your key skills.


Shape Space and Measure

This week I thought that we would have some fun with money!  We looked at money in week one and some of you have been using money for counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  With this topic you will all be at different stages, and that is fine, as long as you are playing with coins you will be learning.  It would be great if by the end of this week you could learn to recognise all of the coins.  In class we paid for items using lots of 1p coins and then we looked at different ways to pay for the same amount using different coins-using our doubles and number bonds to help us.  Do you remember the big coin chart that we had up?

Today I would like you to decide what you are going to sell and for how much, you can then make some price labels-these could be stuck on, or tied on or done as a price list.  Don’t make your prices to high because if a customer buys more than one thing then you will need to add up the total.


Take care and have lots of fun creating your shop, I can’t wait to see your pictures on your profiles. Mrs Balmer